Does HaBangNet offer any backup?


Does HaBangNet offer backup of the data? The answer is YES, we provide backup for our Standard Shared Hosting listed on our website only via monthly backup over offline and weekly remote backup online. Offer package is not included on our auto-backup feature, customer need to manually backup via the control panel or using softaculous backup feature.

PS: In case if there is any incident happen caused by software or system, we can't promise on latest backup, we can only promise on which ever backup we have and restore for you at best effort. So customer itself also responsible for own backup if she/he data is really important to them for safety precautions. Since Data backup is a Free Value-added Service to customer and doesn't mean a must be provided, so any backup data we provide is base on best effort only.

VPS and Dedicated Server customer, if you need backup, you can order our backup plan, as by default, VPS and Dedicated Server does not come with any backup service.

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