Not Allow within our Network - Must Follow our policies


- Malware-related, Contain Virus files, Warez-related, Bulk Mail, and Spam-related activities are strictly forbidden.
- CAN-SPAM, Copyright, DMCA, and other related to laws must be strictly followed on All Locations Network.

Note: If you do not follow our policies, we Guarantee, your hosting account will be immediately suspended or terminated without any refund for abuse in our network.

We Zero Tolerance any abuse within our network. And all abuse account will be shutdown within 24 hours upon receiving of Complaint lodged or discovered within our hourly system scan.


Script Vulnerability and Abuse
For Shared hosting and Reseller hosting Customers, please be aware, if you runing any scripts eg. wordpress or 3rd Party Application (including plug-in). Please alway rememeber to update the script to the latest update especially security patch update to avoid any Security Vulnerability caused by outdated scripts or any 3rd party plug-in. If our system security scanned any Vulnerability caused the by the script inside your hosting account, we will delete the whole hosting account from the server immediately without issue WARNING. As it is customer own liability to maintain the 3 party script up to date alway for the script their are running on the website. Our support provided is to ensure your website and the webserver is running without any issue and not including maintaining the scripts you run on our webserver. 
Any Security Vulnerability loophole can cause the whole server unsecured for hacker, malware and virus to any of the users on the same server and not you only.
HaBangNet does not offer any refund to account being deleted, because of Script Vulnerability issuse or Hosting Abusing our Webserver including Webserver Resource.

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