What is the average setup time?


Shared Hosting: All New Sign-up at HaBangNet take within 1 hr - 24 hrs to receive new welcome login information.

VPS Hosting: Within 24hrs - 48 hrs (At most time is within 24 hours)

Dedicated Server: Within 1 - 3 working days (At most time is within 24 hours)

Please read for VPS or Dedicated Server: If you order any extra Addon IP, it will be assigned within 2 - 5 working days. But if you order /27 or higher range it will be assigned within 3 - 21 working day after server setup, as IP Justification is required for /27 and above range, and sometime due to network routing on BGP take time to approve from the Datacenter side, so any IP range above /27 assigned within 21 working days is within the accepted term. If you can't accept the waiting time do not sign-up for any extra addon IP range above /27. (As our timeframe is to prevent Unpredictable circumstances sometime, but most time is assigned within 3 - 5 working days)

To avoid any further issue, please be read the TOS before ordering any of our service to avoid any miscommunication. As VPS and Dedicated Server does not support any refund.

Our setup time frame is base on Working day exclude any Official Public Holidays and Weekend.

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