Do you have a speedtest or IP for ping?


Below is the location we offer and you can do a download and upload speedtest using the link.

United States
West Virgina, Berkeley Springs Datacenter - https://berkeleysprings.usa.hbn.co/
Los Angeles, CA Datacenter - https://losangeles.usa.hbn.co/
Texas, Dallas Datacenter - https://dallas.usa.hbn.co/
Seattle, WA Datacenter - https://seattle.usa.hbn.co/
Atlanta, GA Datacenter - https://atlanta.usa.hbn.co/
Ashburn, VA Datacenter - https://ashburn.usa.hbn.co/
Denver, CO Datacenter - https://denver.usa.hbn.co/
Ogden, UT Datacenter - https://utah.usa.hbn.co/
Boston, MA Datacenter - https://boston.usa.hbn.co
Chicago, Illinois Datacenter - Temporary Not Accept New Order
Miami, Florida Datacenter - Temporary Not Accept New Order

Montral, QC Canada Datacenter - https://canada.hbn.co

Netherlands, Amsterdam Datacenter - https://netherlands.hbn.co
England, United Kingdom Datacenter - https://england.hbn.co
Warsaw, Poland Datacenter - https://poland.hbn.co
Germany, Frankfurt Datacenter - https://germany.hbn.co

Hong Kong BGP Datacenter - https://hongkong.hbn.co (Best Direct Connection to whole China, Mainland via ChinaNet Backbone Average is within 10ms-40ms)
Singapore BGP Datacenter - https://singapore.hbn.co
Tokyo, Japan Datacenter - https://japan.hbn.co
China, Shanghai ChinaNet Datacenter (DMCA Free Zone) - https://shanghai.habangnet.cn
China, ChinaNet Datacenter (DMCA Free Zone) - https://chinanet.habangnet.cn
Thailand, Bangkok Datacenter - https://thailand.hbn.co
Cambodia, Phnom Penh Datacenter - https://cambodia.hbn.co - Temporary Not Accept New Order
Bahrain BGP Datacenter - https://bahrain.hbn.co - Temporary Not Accept New Order
Bangladesh, Dhaka Datacenter - https://bangladesh.hbn.co
China, Beijing BGP Datacenter (DMCA Free Zone) - (ICP Needed for website hosted in China)

Australia Datacenter - https://australia.hbn.co/
Brazil, San Paulo Datacenter - https://brazil.hbn.co
South Africa, Johannesburg Datacenter - https://africa.hbn.co



More coming soon.

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