Do you Accept Alipay/支付宝 payment?


Yes. We accept Alipay/支付宝 payment in CNY via 支付宝 (即时到账).

We only accept Real-time transaction (即时到账) payment. If customer did not select Real-time Transaction (即时到账) Payment, your payment will NOT be credited to your invoice until customer confirm the payment transaction on Alipay end. Once we confirm the payment already received on our Alipay account, then we will have it credit to your invoice and have your order being process for setup.

DO NOT USE 支付宝担保交易, if you use this option, we will not process your order til payment confirmation on your end. Then we will process with it. We Only Accept 支付宝 即时到账 for any invoice payment.

DO NOTE: If you encounter any problem using our direct Alipay/支付宝 gateway making payment, you can contact our Support Department. We will provide you with our Alipay ID to make payment directly from Alipay Website.

So any delay caused, HaBangNet is not liable for the mistake option customer selected to make for the payment. We only process with all hosting order upon payment received on our end. Any on-hold payment via payment gateway will not be credited to invoice.

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