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We recommend the following configuration settings when you install cPanel & WHM.

Recommended filesystem

When you install your operating system (OS), we recommend that you use the following filesystems:

  • CentOS 7 — Use the XFS® or ext4 filesystems.
  • All other supported operating systems — Use an ext filesystem (ext3 or ext4).


If you use the ext4 filesystem on RHEL 5 or CentOS 5, you must download and install the e4fsprogs package in the Red Hat documentation.


We only develop and test cPanel & WHM on filesystems that support flock. Some network filesystems (for example, NFS) may require additional configuration in order to function properly.

Recommended partitions 


Grow to fill disk (40 Gigabytes (GB) recommended, 20 GB minimum).


To host a greater number of accounts, allocate more disk space to this partition.
swap See the Recommended swap space section below.


For some servers, additional partitions are beneficial. This is particularly true for servers with high email volume. The OS can only access a limited number of files per partition.

Recommended swap space

CentOS 5

RAMMinimum swap space
4 GB or less 2 GB
4 GB to 16 GB 4 GB
16 GB to 64 GB 8 GB
64 GB to 256 GB 16 GB
256 GB to 512 GB 32 GB




CentOS 6 and 7

RAMMinimum swap space
2 GB or less Two times the amount of RAM on the server.
2 GB to 8 GB The same as the amount of RAM on the server.
8 GB to 64 GB Half the amount of RAM on the server.
64 GB or more 4 GB






In Linux, an inode is a filesystem object that contains the owner, permissions, and other important metadata. Every file, image, directory, email, and symbolic link on your server requires an inode.

  • On average, files on webservers are usually smaller than on other types of servers. Therefore, we recommend that you allocate more than the default number of inodes on your server's partitions.
  • If you install everything on a single partition, the base cPanel & WHM or cPanel DNSONLY installation requires at least 1,000,000 inodes, plus at least 50,000 inodes per cPanel account that you plan to host.

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