Already got ICP license, but why my domain still can't access


Doesn't mean that you have ICP license, your domain will work in China. You will still need to add your domain to the whitelist system first, as by default port 80 is blocked.

ICP License is only the first step allow you to host in China Webserver, but you still need to Addon the Domain to a Server in the datacenter called "Domain Whitelist System" then your domain can access via WWW (External Network outside the Datacenter, if not your website will be inaccessible even if you got a valid ICP domain). All Datacenter in China require Domain to be Added to Whitelist first then can accessible via WWW (External Network outside the datacenter). Rules and Regulations strictly by MIIT.

By default, we provide all China base service with 1 free Whitelist to add 1 domain. If you got Sub Domain, you will need additional 1 more whitelist.

If you got more than 1 domain hosted in your VPS or Dedicated Server, you will need to contact Sales for a Dedicated ICP System End Port at $250 monthly (Suitable for host which intend to host multiple Domain under 1 Server), which support up to 500 whitelist for Domains. By default we only offer 1 free whitelist for VPS and Dedicated Server.

PS: In order to add the domain to the Whitelist System, your domain need to have ICP License number first. Domain Whitelist system requirement for open port 80 - domain with Valid verified at CNNIC, Domain ICP number and user detail for the submission. Subject to Approval first before your domain can be added to the Whitelist System.

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