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What is Whitelist System in China Hosting?


According to the MIIT policy, Internet Service Providers (isp, for example, HaBangNet Co., Ltd.) such as auditing and managing the access websites. According to the "who is responsible for access" system rules and regulations, we have implemented a white list system in our datacenter (currently BGP Line, Double-Line, Single-Line). Whitelist is added to all accessed virtual hosts and new domain names on servers. Websites without whitelist will not be accessible via WWW. So, after you buy the virtual host, rent our server, or host the server, you have to add a whitelist to set up a website on that server. Of course, we do not accept applications for adding domain names without an ICP License Number. So when you submit an application for adding a whitelist, make sure your domain name already got ICP License Numer, without ICP License Number, we can't add it to the whitelist.

The concept of whitelist corresponds to "blacklist". For example, in the computer system, many software have been applied to the black-and-white list rules, such as operating system, firewall, anti-virus software, mail system, application software, etc. Almost all related to control aspects have applied the black-and-white list rules. When the blacklist is enabled, users (or IP addresses, IP packages, mail, viruses, etc.) who are listed on the blacklist cannot pass. If a whitelist is established, the users in the whitelist (or IP addresses, IP packages, mail, etc.) will pass first, and will not be rejected as spam. The security and speediness of the whitelist will be greatly improved. Extend its meaning one step, then whenever there is application of blacklist function, there will be whitelist function corresponding to it.

“But I don't understand, why I still need Whitelist, since I already filed for ICP License Number already.” ICP filling to approve is only the first step to allow your domain can be hosted in China network, but you still need to add to the Datacenter Whitelist in order to allow your Domain can be accessible via external network “WWW”. As This rules and regulations is strictly by MIIT to the Datacenter Provider. If MIIT during Assault Inspection scan on our network, find an domain name without ICP License Number and also never adding to the Whitelist System, they will generally a fined of 10,000 RMB per domain.




因为根据国家的政策,接入服务器对所有接入的网站进行审核管理。依照 “谁接入谁负责” 的制度。我们的机房实施了白名单系统化,所有的虚拟主机,云主机,VPS跟独立服务器上的域名必须添加白名单才能访问,未添加到白名单的域名或是网站是完全无法访问到。所以所有在我们这里购买或是租用任何中国内地的虚拟主机,云主机,VPS跟独立服务器的客户,如果打算在服务器里面开设网站或投放域名,必须添加你的域名到白名单系统。如果没有添加到白名单系统是无法访问到的就算你的域名已经是备案了也是需要添加到白名单。


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