Which have a faster speed to China Mainland?


As we receive alot of enquiries on this question. Is Hong Kong got the faster loading speed to China, Mainland or Los Angeles CN2. Definitely Hong Kong hosting is 10-20 times faster loading than Los Angeles CN2 Hosting. Don't forget Hong Kong is just a boundary across China Mainland.

See below explain.

Hong Kong Hosting to whole China, Mainland is between 10ms-50ms respond time at anytime, whereby Los Angeles CN2 Hosting is between 150ms-250ms respond time during off peak hours and can go up to 350-400ms or worst during peak hours. Don't forget China, Mainland to International bandwidth is only 128 kbps - 4 Mbps whole China National wide, so the lowest latency (respond time) the better.

And during China Mainland peak hours, some of the oversea server eg. Los Angeles or Los Angeles CN2, Germany, Singapore (explain some of the country so far "called themself have fast server to China") is totally unreachable even if the China Users is on a 1000Mbps home line also encounter difficulty connection to this oversea server. Only if you're in China. Mainland yourself, you will them slow why why Oversea server is so slow connection or loading in China.

So if you're real looking for a fast loading hosting for your website and was target at China Mainland users, first choice go for China base hosting, second choice is definitely China, Hong Kong Hosting and not what people so called Los Angeles CN2 hosting.

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