News: Seattle DC Transit Provider Planned Network Maintenance

Published: 03/11/2018 Back

Maintenance Location: Seattle Tukwila Data Center
Maintenance Start Time: 06:00 AM UTC Nov 9th 2018 (11:00 PM PST Nov 8th 2018)
Maintenance End Time: 02:00 PM UTC Nov 9th 2018 (07:00 AM PST Nov 8th 2018)
Maintenance Window Length: 8 hours
Maintenance Severity: Medium
Maintenance Impact: Low impact, increased latency and brief packet loss

Dear Valued Customer,

We receive an notice from our Upstream Provider on the following maintenance. HaBangNet is committed to keeping you informed of events that will impact your experience with us, we are contacting you concerning an upcoming maintenance from one of Seattle DC transit providers with Cogent. Cogent will be performing software module upgrades on code running on their edge routers. Due to the redundant transit paths built into HaBangNet edge and to multiple transit providers, this maintenance impact will be low, and to minimize any disruptions, HaBangNet network engineers will shift traffic to another transit providers prior to Cogent maintenance window and restore traffic to them after Cogent maintenance window ends. Customers may experience latency and brief packet loss during the traffic shift while route reconvergence completes.

Should you have any questions concerning this maintenance, don't hesitate to open ticket with Support Department and refer to ticket #SXC20181108Trix.

HaBangNet DC Team


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