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News: Notice of Servers being Close down or Moved

Published: 09/05/2023 Back

Dear Customers/Resellers/Partners,

As we will be removing all old E3 server from our Network (especially using it on Shared Hosting and VPS), so if you are a customer on this old E3 server, you will be either moving to another server running on E5 or RYZEN base node. But some of the network we only have E3 server, we will be opt to close down that network, if there is not much demand from that network.

So be informed first, to avoid any issue happen during this mission.

Date will be starter from 15/05/2023 to 25/05/2023.
What to expect: A small downtime during the move
Network we decide to close down: Denver, Atlanta and Boston
Customer option: Can opt to move to any of our other locations with free upgrade to E5 server at no cost

PS: If you are the customer on that network using old E3, will receive a free upgrade to either a Dual E5-2620 or E5-2630 for free. And we will do a whole harddrive move from the old machine to the new machine.

Any questions? Please feel free to open a ticket with Customer Service.

HaBangNet Team

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