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News: Germany Node Upgrading Notice

Published: 07/07/2016 Back

Dear Customers,

We having these node for hardware upgrading to E5-1650v2 or v3 from the Old E3-1245v2.

Impact: Major Impact

Scheduled Timeframe for the Hardware Upgrading
Start Date: 9th July, 2016, 22:00PM (Hong Kong Time)
End Date: 15th July, 2016, 01:00AM (Hong Kong Time)

Node on update list
1) goose
2) monkey
3) butterfly

You will not encounter any down issue during the node hardware upgrading, as we will switch the main to standby node.

And if needed, we will also change the node IP range. So do standby on this change need to be make, if you using your own dns or 3rd party dns. You will need to submit a ticket to Support. For customer using our Anycast DNS, you do not need to done anything, as we will make the change from our end for you.

If you're on this node having any issue after our upgrade, please submit a ticket to support.

HaBangNet Sys Team

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