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News: Create Your Own WordPress Website Today!

Published: 09/08/2016 Back

Wordpress Hosting @ HaBangNet
secured wordpress hosting environment with latest upgrade

Host your WordPress site with a super-fast, tailor-made premium WordPress solution from HaBangNet. Our Premium WordPress Hosting is housed in a dedicated environment which is designed and optimised exclusively for WordPress.

Our wordpress hosting come with one-click installed on a secured hosting server. As wordpress got too many loophole where hacker like to hack to. So we offering our wordpress hosting in a more secured and hardening webserver with daily security audit on the server to prevent any hackering. And also providing customer with the latest version of wordpress scripts to update at all times. Note: This does not cover any 3rd party wordpress template custom made by customer.

Get Starter at http://www.habangnet.com/wordpress.html

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