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News: Critical Advisory: WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Published: 13/05/2017 Back

Dear Customer/Reseller/Partner,

As you have already been aware, there is currently widespread WannaCry Ransomware attacks on the Internet, targeting Windows Operation System with vulnerability if they are not patched regularly.

National, Health IT systems and more than 75,000 computers in 99 countries have all been infected so far, with 36,000 WannaCry attacks detected so far and still on-going.

Please reassured as HaBangNet Web Hosting's infrastructure is always been monitored, patched and highly secured, we are not affected by this attack.

For customers' VPS, Cloud server or Dedicated server with us, if you have purchased Server Management service from us, you will not be affected as your servers would have been regularly patched. For customers' VPS, Cloud server or Dedicated server who are not managed by us, please read below for more information to patch your server. We strongly advise all customers to make regularly backup of their servers and data for such unforseen attacks.

Read more about this attack here:



Customer Guidance from Microsoft:


For any enquiry, please submit a ticket to Technical Support.

Warmest Regards,
HaBangNet Server Security Team

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